Acute Kidney Injury in Dogs in the New Forest 

Acute Kidney Injury in Dogs in the New ForestThis practice has been involved with handling cases of acute renal failure in dogs that have been walked in the Latchmore Brook area of the New Forest. We are keen to provide up to date information on the situation, which will appear on this page when available.

For the most up to date information please take a look at the Alabama Rot website, where there is also an interactive map and case studies.

The most up to date information and news can be found on the news page of Anderson Moores Veterinary Specialists.

25th April 2013: Live phone-in on BBC radio Solent on the Julian Clegg show

The Forest Journal have run a story about the most recent case today

10th April 2013: Anderson Moores have released a statement on their website. No new cases from the Latchmore/Ogdens area have occurred since 1st March: however this may be in part due to the press coverage resulting in dog walkers avoiding the area. However there has been a recent case from the Ringwood area, and a few other cases from around the Forest and elsewhere are being investigated. There has been no significant leads on finding the cause, with many things having been excluded but no evidence of what the cause could be.

9th April: The Animal Health trust have released online a questionaire which they would like as many responses as possible, from people who walk their dogs in the New Forest

12th March 2013: Efforts are continuing on many fronts to gain more of an understanding of the disease, including toxicology, histopathology, and epidemiology. Results of these tests are not expected for a while, but will be reported here when available.

12th March 2013: After the media interest of last week, some new cases with similar features have come to light. Not all these cases walked at Ogdens/Latchmore, and some are not even in the New Forest. It is not possible to draw any conclusions whether these dogs were caused by the same factor as those at Latchmore, but it would be sensible for all dog walkers to be vigilant for sores on the legs or depression after walking in wooded areas.

11th March 2013: There have been a number of calls mentioning Seasonal Canine Illness (SCI). This is a new disease seen in the forests of East Anglia, which received widespread press attention in 2010. It appears that the current outbreak is NOT the same condition as SCI.

8th March 2013: We have compiled an OWNER FACTSHEET - CLICK HERE

8th March 2013: Investigations are ongoing on a number of fronts to check for possible causes of the syndrome. This is being spearheaded by Anderson Moores Veterinary Specialists in Winchester, and also other statutory bodies are conducting relevant tests in the environment.

7th March 2013: Duncan's spot on BBC South Today

7th March 2013: Today we have increased our media campaign to highlight awareness of this condition. We would urge any vets with clinical cases showing close similarities to report them to the practice on 01202 882101. Owners with any concerns should consult their normal veterinary practice.

Acute Kidney Injury in Dogs in the New Forest

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