Kate Aldred 

Kate Aldred

Kate joined the Lynwood team in December 2017 as a Ambulance driver/Kennel Assistant. She has a huge passion for caring for animals and has been working with them her whole career. In 2006, Kate obtained a National Diploma in Animal Management at Kingston Maurward College.


For the past 10 years she has worked closely with monkeys and apes at a primate rescue centre in Dorset. She cared for chimpanzees, capuchins and various small monkeys. Kate has special passion for Woolly Monkeys, as they are critically endangered and are part of a global conservation breeding program. One of the highlights of her career was to be a primary member of the hand rearing team for a woolly monkey. As well as primates, she has worked with carnivores such as big cats and various other captive zoo species.


Kate involved herself in volunteer projects abroad, such as observed whales and dolphins in Tenerife and working with Elephants in Namibia Africa for 3 weeks. The project in Namibia involved working with the local farmers to build walls to protect their water sources and also monitor the Elephants out in the wild, which involved camping in the middle of nowhere without electric or showers!


Kate lives at home with her Partner Leo, along with their yellow Labrador called Xandar, cat Kizmet and two rabbits! In her spare time she enjoys going for long walks, visiting horse racing events with her mum and brother, travelling different places in the world, photography and sketching.

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