Nurse Training 

Our nurses are a vital part of our team.

Our Registered Veterinary Nurses (RVNs) have completed a formal training and are skilled in nursing your pet. They provide support to our veterinary surgeons - and yourself, the pet owner - in so many ways. They are involved with radiography, bandaging, caring for and monitoring our hospitalised patients including fluid therapy. They are adept in dental care and laboratory tests. They provide lots of TLC. Nurse clinics include nutrition, puppy and kitten development, senior pet care and specific disease support. You can recognise our qualified nurse by their dark green uniforms.

Our student nurses are recognisable in their green and white striped uniforms. They are actively undertaking training towards qualifiation. As students they are supervised and guided in practice to achieve a high standard of care for our patients and their owners. For more information regarding students and training visit the Lynwood School of Veterinary Nursing.

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