Pet Travel Scheme 


The Pet Travel Scheme, (PETS for short), has now been in operation since 2000. We hope that this information will be of help to those who may be considering taking their pet on holiday with them and to give you up to date information.

The Pet Travel Scheme (PETS), is a re-entry scheme for the UK only and does not entitle the owner to take their pet into other countries. The EU blue passport which is supplied under the PETS scheme does allow you to take your pet into another EU country, as long as you meet their import criteria. For countries outside the EU you may need an export certificate.

PETS was primarily designed to protect human health, particularly towards rabies and does not take account of the many exotic diseases that your pet might come into contact with on the continent. Extra measures need to be taken to safeguard their health.

As of January 2012 the Pet Travel Scheme has changed. This will make it
easier and cheaper to travel abroad with your pet. A blood sample is now no longer required.

Please click here to visit the DEFRA website for more information

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