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Veterinary Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is a science based profession which helps to restore movement and function in animals in the presence of injury, illness or disability.

The goal of physiotherapy treatment is to encourage independence, increased function and improve the wellbeing of animals for as long as possible.

Animals are unable to tell us when they are in pain and discomfort or suffering with a condition and many hide their symptoms as part of their survival instinct. This can lead to pets struggling with problems for a long time before their owner notices something physically wrong.

Examples of signs which may indicate your pet is in pain include:

  • Stiffness when getting up
  • Reluctance jumping up or climbing stairs
  • Struggling to walk up or down slopes
  • Reduced ability to walk as far
  • Yelping when catching a toy or refusing to play
  • Sudden changes in behaviour or routine
  • Struggling to use one or more limbs

If you notice any of the above it may be worthwhile discussing with your registered veterinarian. With your vet's permission a physiotherapy assessment can help identify possible causes and develop an appropriate treatment programme.

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Physiotherapy Treatment

Physiotherapy covers a wide range of treatment techniques which can be tailored to suit each individual animal. The main types of treatment we can offer your pet include:

  • Hands on therapy (known as manual therapy)
    • Soft tissue massage, stretches, release techniques, mobilisations and manipulations
  • Exercise therapy
    • Stretching and strengthening exercises, balance training, core stability re-education and rehabilitation programmes
  • Electrotherapy
    • Laser therapy
    • Neuromuscular electrostimulation
  • Owner education and advice
    • Including handling, exercise and ergonomic advice
    • Injury, condition specific and anatomy education
  • Hydrotherapy

If you would like to discuss your pet with our Chartered Physiotherapist Rebecca Wyatt, please call 01202 555553.

Lynwood Veterinary Group and the PetFit Hydro Centre strongly recommend using an ACPAT Veterinary Physiotherapist who has trained in both human and veterinary fields.

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