Sadie Larner 

Sadie is an ex zoo keeper of nearly 10 years, specialising in Primates. This involved working at Monkey World for just over 8 and half years with the Woolly Monkeys, Gibbons and Small monkeys (lemurs, Squrriel monkeys, marmosets etc).

She then worked at Port Lympne Reserve in Kent (Aspinall Foundation) which included working with different species of primates to Monkey World for example Guinea Baboons, Black Howler monkeys, Bamboo lemurs, Black capped capuchins, Javan gibbons and Javan Langurs.

Sadie lived on site at the zoo which we hear was pretty awesome as she could hear the animals at night, and became involved with the transportation of the Javan Langurs from the UK to Indonesia where later (one day) they would be relased back into the wild. Sadie loved working with monkeys, there was never a boring moment with them. In her 10 years of working with them she was always learning something new. 

Sadie is also a qualifed Surf Instructor and Paddle board instructor and loves being in the sea! Her hobbies include surfing, paddle boarding, skate boarding, snorkelling and snowboarding. Sadie loves being outside and shares many adventures with her partner Mike which includes fossil hunting whilst walking along our beautiful coastline.

Sadie's dream is to one day become a Registered Veterinary Nurse. She loves working at Lynwood and with such an awesome team!

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