September 2017 - 'Lovely male vet, friendly and reassuring to me and my pet.'

'Last Tuesday 28th February 2017 Jack my 14 year old battersea mongrel woke up and went into distress with a severely distended abdomen, ended up hyperventilating in the front garden, I loaded him into the car.
I contacted Verwood - Georgie - who even though I had not yet fully registered Jack was very helpful, arranged an emergency appointment at Wimborne.
On my arrival it was clear that i was expected, Jack's notes from our former vets in Walton were obtained and the Vet started to assess Jack.
He elicited all relevant history from me and I felt  confident that Jack was in very good hands.
In the  same day his problem was identified - gall bladder and pancreatitis , he was scanned, put on a drip given meds and low fat food and released  back to me from Verwood surgery.
Friday 3rd today, Jack has now resumed binging his  toys to me for a rough 'fight' after his main meal in celebration that 'life is good', he is almost back to his normal shape and daily he makes  big leaps forward in his recovery.

Before I moved to Verwood one of your patients highly recommended your Practice and I am just so pleased they did.
I want to express my sincere thanks to both practices for an excellent response, I was expecting that I would lose Jack, or be force to ' make that decision'
From the outset Louis was positive that he and others were likely to be able to id and sort the problem.
It was all done so  for a very reasonable fee.
So I received top quality care from two branches of Lynwood and I want to say thank you very much.'


'Both my dogs are registered here and couldn't recommend them enough. The staff are all lovely and I have complete trust in them. Visiting quite often now due to having an elderly dog and a lively youngster!'

'You are always brilliant and patient and gentle and caring. All of you. My cats depend on you. You always come through for them.'

'Phoebe would like to say a huge thank you to all the kind people who helped her with her treatment recently. We are all very grateful to Duncan and Hayley for their care with her operation and to Natalie for her prompt diagnosis, saving her from further complications. Although Phoebe doesn't like visiting very much, she will be happy to see you again for cuddles and biscuits, but not too soon!'

'I just wanted to write and say what excellent service I received at Lynwood Vets Wimborne today.  I took my cat Sooty to the vets for what I think is the third time in 2 weeks and I believe we saw Natalie Tilbrook.

Natalie was so appreciative of the fact that Sooty was probably pretty sick and tired and stressed about coming to the vets and instead of taking her out of the carrier she simply removed the top and examined Sooty in the bottom half of the carrier, all the time talking to her and saying it would be nicer to be surrounded by her familiar smells rather than that of the vets table.

I thought this was such a simple yet compassionate action and really felt that she cared for Sooty and how she might be feeling, not just what the 'cause of our visit was today.

She also took the time to explain the examinations and even showed me what she was doing and looking for and why.

It's all too often the case that e-mails are only sent to make complaints so I wanted to take this time to e-mail and say how appreciative I am of the care we have received at Lynwood Wimborne, especially from Natalie. 

We only moved to Wimborne 9 weeks ago, and have been registered at the vets for about 3 weeks.  I knew the building works were taking place when I registered and have to say that I think all the staff are coping very well, and the service we have received from everyone, from reception, vet nurses and vets themselves have been excellent, including the locum we saw on our first 2 visits.

Thanks all the great work you all do.'

'I have been using Lynwood Vets for over 30 years - I wouldn't entrust the care of my cats to anyone else - thank you Duncan and your team.'

'The best vets in the area. Professionalism, kindness and good common sense go hand in hand at this vets. Thank you for all you have done for our dogs over the last six years.'

'I bought our kitten, Eevie, in this morning for her 1st jabs. I also had all three of my young children in tow. I just wanted to say how brilliant the vet was (sorry didn't catch name). He let the children get involved, allowing them to listen to her heart and talking through everything he was doing. Thank you for making a vet visit such an enjoyable outing for my kids!’

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