Why Choose Lynwood 

At Lynwood we are very proud of what we do. 

The vets and nurses who work at the practice genuinely believe in what we are trying to create: a vets that is friendly, welcoming and treats every client and pet as an individual. As a patient of Lynwood we will always put your needs first, and we make sure we give each person the time they need.

Ask your vet - how long are your consultations? At Lynwood they are a minimum of 15 minutes and often we give complicated cases double this time.

Not all veterinary practices are the same. 

Lynwood vets is small enough so you get to know your own vet, but large enough that we have a strong breadth of in-house experience and knowledge.This allows us to provide a higher standard of care than other general veterinary practices.

Other practices in the area are often very small practices with only one or two vets, which can be very isolating, and may affect the care you receive. What makes Lynwood special is we have a reasonably large team spread between our branches and we all work together very closely. We have a number of vets with expertise in certain areas, and we often discuss the best approach to tricky cases. We can also offer different types of support to cases, such as nursing clinics, hydrotherapy, and home visit rounds, which many other practices cannot.

Many small practices rely on referral for many of the trickier cases. Referral offers an excellent level of care but is often quite a distance away and more expensive, making it difficult for many people. At Lynwood many of these cases are dealt with in-house.

Ask your vet - what are their charges? Not just for upfront elective fees such as neutering and vaccinations, which are often 'loss leaders', but if your pet actually falls ill?

Emergencies and Out of Hours Care are provided at our own clinic in Wimborne

All vets and nurses deserve a break - but this should not sacrifice the continuity of the high standard of care our clients and their pets deserve. Out of hours if you have an emergency that can't wait you will be seen at our Wimborne clinic by a dedicated team of night vets who are specially trained in critical care. 

In most circumstances, admitted patients will be transferred from our branches by our dedicated ambulance service, and remain at our Wimborne practice until they are well enough to go home. This differs from other practices that may transfer patients between their daytime clinic and out-of-hours provider twice daily. 

Ask your vet - what is their arrangement for out of hours emergencies? When do they start and finish the working day? Who cares for in-patients? Are they left alone overnight?

Our team of Advanced Practitioners reduces the need for expensive referral

We are proud to have vets with further qualifications in Medicine, Dermatology, Radiology and Ophthalmology in the practice, as well as as well as vets who specialise in pain management, hydrotherapy, acupuncture and behaviour. We can also offer the services of an on-site chartered veterinary physiotherapist.

We also have an Orthopaedic surgeon who performs referral-level surgery at our Wimborne, Bournemouth and Wareham branches, at approximately half the cost of referral to a specialist centre.

Many smaller practices without these skills may be cheaper for the basics but if your pet has a serious illness it may be beyond their expertise and you have to be referred. Whilst we still refer many patients that have very complex problems, most cases can be dealt with in house.

Ask your vet - what is their policy regarding referrals? What in-house expertise do they have and in what areas?

We believe in and trust our Registered Veterinary Nurses.

We have a strong tradition of training Veterinary Nurses at our school in Poundbury (Lynwood School of 1324543711933216140338468214935833331830923n.jpgVeterinary Nursing). All of our branches employ Registered Veterinary Nurses (RVNs) and they are central to the service we offer.

It is a worrying fact that anyone with little training can call themselves a 'veterinary nurse'. Only RVNs are registered with the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons at having attained a necessary level of competency, and are accountable for their actions.

Ask your vet - do they employ RVNs? Who monitors the anaesthetics? How are inpatients cared for overnight?

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