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Out of Hours Emergency Cover

Our out of hours emergency cover is provided by VetsNow which is located within our Wimborne clinic.

Through this service our clients have access to a dedicated intensive care centre that is fully staffed throughout the night and at weekends and bank holidays. To help offer our clients the highest standards of emergency care, VetsNow have access to all client history.

Please click on this link for more information about VetsNow.


Lynwood Veterinary Group recommends a lifelong vaccination programme for your pet to protect them from serious and life threatening illnesses. Once your dog, cat or rabbit has been vaccinated with the practice we will send a reminder to you when the next vaccination is required. If you are new to our practice please supply your pet’s previous vaccine details so we can include you in this service.

It is also essential that your pet has an up-to-date vaccination status if you are seeking to utilise kennels or catteries.

Parasite control

Various parasites may affect your pet including fleas, ticks, round and tapeworms. We recommend a preventative programme to guard against problems. These regular treatments are essential for maintaining optimum health. At Lynwood Veterinary Group we will tailor the parasite protocol to your pet’s life stage and style and our trained staff are be happy to discuss what is best for your pet.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you find that your pet develops a parasite problem so we may provide a prompt and effective control treatment.

Nutritional advice

As with ourselves, good nutrition is important in maintaining good health in our pets and in helping them to recover from any health issues they may face. The needs of the dog or cat change with age, activity levels, and for health reasons. Diets can be confusing so please ask our trained staff for advice.

Here at Lynwood Veterinary Group we stock a wide range of Royal Canin diets both for the various life stages and for specific prescription diets of your dogs and cats. A loyalty bonus system exists for pets on the life stage.

We can order many other diets for your pets and these are generally available for next day collection.

We commonly see obesity in the pet population and can be due to overeating, lack of exercise or a medical condition. Our team can help you make the right choices for your pet. Please ask for our advice and support in this area and together we can prevent problems arising or aid you to overcome any difficulties.


Lynwood Veterinary Group recommends neutering. Having your pet neutered not only prevents unwanted pregnancies but is also a practical way of safeguarding your pet's health. For specific advice regarding your pet please ask our team.


A tiny implant, no bigger than a grain of rice, which is enclosed in a capsule designed to sit comfortably under your pet’s skin. Every microchip has its own unique 15 digit code and provides the key to all your pets’ details. Everything in fact that should your pet become lost, will enable its safe return to you.

Microchipping lasts a lifetime and can be used in practically every species of animal. Most importantly microchipping is highly effective and is a permanent but invisible method of identification which cannot be tampered with.

The database holding your pet’s details is accessible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year so whenever and wherever your pet goes missing the process of reuniting you with your pet can begin as early as possible. Microchipping can be done by nurses as well as vets and is half price when done at the same time as a surgical procedure.


Surgery and dental procedures

We have modern well equipped operating theatres at our Bournemouth, Wimborne and Wareham surgeries to provide for the surgical needs of our patients. Our operating veterinary surgeons undertake diverse procedures including neutering, soft tissue and orthopaedic procedures, caesareans. The variety of surgical cases is diverse.

We also provide dental procedures at these surgeries supported, once again, by using modern equipment and facilities.

Each individual pet’s procedure is planned, prepared and monitored with care before, during and after.


We understand that you may be anxious if your pet is to have an anaesthetic. Our team is trained to support your pet throughout their anaesthesia using “gold standard” anaesthetic agents and equipment selected for your pet and the procedure they will be undergoing. This provides your pet with as safe an anaesthetic as possible and a speedy recovery. Careful monitoring is carried out throughout. Modern pain relief agents are used routinely and selected for the individual patient.

Ultrasound scan and medicine referrals

Duncan Reavell holds the RCVS Certificate in Small Animal Medicine. As chief ultrasonographer for the group he has many years of experience in undertaking scans including heart ( echocardiology ), abdominal scans, and scans for pregnancy diagnosis and monitoring.

He runs a diagnostic imaging, cardiology and internal medicine referral service from the Wimborne practice. He sees cases from all branches of Lynwood Veterinary Group and other surgeries.

Referrals are taken directly from other Veterinary Surgeons. Please contact the Wimborne surgery on 01202 882101 for further details or to make an appointment for this service.


Using the ECG machine the veterinary surgeon is able to investigate the function of your pet’s heart. It can aid measurement and detection of irregularities in the rate and rhythm. As an ECG does not reliably measure the pumping ability of the heart it may be necessary to also undertake an ultrasound examination to investigate the heart’s function further. The ECG procedure is non invasive and is well tolerated in most patients without the need for sedation or anaesthesia.


Endoscopy is a minimally invasive method of visualising and examining the internal surfaces of the gastrointestinal, respiratory and urinary tract by means of a small flexible camera. It is a low risk procedure which is generally well tolerated by the patient. It also allows for the collection of small biopsies and some foreign body retrieval. A light anaesthetic is required for this procedure.


Radiography is an invaluable tool to enable our Veterinary Surgeons to view inside our patients. This is often utilised when investigating disease or injury. It may also be used to screen healthy animals for specific health monitoring schemes, such as Hip Dysplasia. Lack of patient movement is essential and therefore an anaesthetic or sedation is required as we aim to produce an image of excellent diagnostic quality without the need for repetition.

We use digital radiography which provides instant images to be available. Digital imaging requires lower exposures than traditional systems that require separate film processing. This increases safety and removes the need for chemical processing which is obviously “greener”.


We are able to offer another way of “looking inside” our patients by ultrasound scans. This is a very safe method of imaging and is achieved by recording echoes of waves directed at the area. Radiography captures still images and ultrasound scans an ongoing image so the Veterinary Surgeon is able to observe the function as well as the structure of the anatomy. It is a non painful and well tolerated procedure. Examples of scanning include pregnancy diagnosis from 21 days and keyhole surgical procedures such as liver biopsies. Sedation may be given to provide for a relaxed patient.

Weight clinic

We commonly see obesity in the pet population, which can be due to overeating, lack of exercise or a medical condition. Our team can help you make the right choices for your pet via our weight nursing clinics. Please ask for our advice and support in this area and together we can prevent problems arising or aid you to overcome any difficulties.

Puppy classes

At Lynwood we take pride in our dedication to the care and welfare of animals throughout their lives. This care begins at a young age and so to help you get off to the best possible start we invite you to our puppy classes. These are provided as a free service and are an ideal opportunity for your puppy to learn socialisation skills and for you to gain a valuable insight and knowledge for your pet’s care and well being.

Puppy classes are currently only available at our Wimborne branch - for more information, please call 01202 882101.


Our in house laboratories at our Wimborne and Bournemouth branches provide facilities to process haematology, biochemistry and electrolyte samples, alongside specific disease profiles, coagulation and hormonal tests. Blood tests are very important as it may be the only method to detect pre symptomatic disorders through measuring changes in your pet’s blood. Therefore not only do we run samples when your pet is unwell but we may recommend sampling prior to a general anaesthetic or as a means of monitoring a “well “ pet particularly as they age.

At our branches routine urine tests and microscopy are undertaken. We also utilise the services of other veterinary laboratories for specific tests and services.

Hospitalisation facilities

We have modern hospitalisation facilities for any pet that requires admission for investigations, treatments, procedures and regular assessment/observation. They will have their own secure area and will be provided with lots of TLC from our team of nurses whilst under the provision of care from the vet. We will maintain regular contact with you in regard of their progress and facilitate their discharge as soon as is appropriate for their condition.


There are 2 Veterinary Surgeons within the Group with a further qualification in skin diseases in small animals; Alyson Richardson at Bournemouth, and Siobhan Buswell at Wareham/ Swanage. They regularly see skin referrals within the Group and welcome referrals from other practices.

Pet passports

We offer a Pet Passport Service throughout the Group. Contact your local practice if you are considering travelling abroad with your dog, cat or ferret.

Please consider that your pet may not return to the UK until a minimum of 7 months has passed from the date of starting the process. Further information can be found on the DEFRA website.

Nursing clinics

Our nursing clinics are proving very popular with our clients. Bandage changes, suture removals, dietary advice, microchipping, puppy/kitten development and behaviour advice.


For your convenience each of our surgeries is able to provide the medications prescribed by your vet directly to you. On occasion items may need to be ordered overnight for next day collection. We know that you may require help and advice on how to give the prescribed medicines to your pet and we are happy to show and advise you how this may be done. In some cases medications can be administered appropriately in our nursing clinic appontments.

If you prefer, you may ask for a written prescription so that the items may be dispensed elsewhere.

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