Advanced Practitioner Status

The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons has announced a new tier of Veterinary Skills accreditation to be known as "Advanced Practitioner Status", signalling that the individual has demonstrated knowledge and skill in a particular area above their initial primary veterinary qualification.

We are pleased that Lynwood vets is at the forefront of veterinary general practice in the UK with three Advanced Practitioners.

Duncan Reavell is an Advanced Practitioner in Small Animal Medicine. This subject covers the diagnosis and treatment of most diseases of dogs and cats including infections, cancer, heart disease and organ dysfunction. Duncan takes many internal referrals at the Wimborne surgery and for more challenging cases provides advice and guidance to all the vets in the practice.

Alyson Richardson and Siobhan Buswell both have Advanced Practitioner Status in Dermatology. As far as we are aware we are the only practice to have two holders of this stats. We are therefore able to offer a very high quality first and second opinion service on cases of skin disease.

Celebrating Minni's life

Celebrating Minnis lifeIt is always sad for us when a much loved pet passes on. Often as a pet gets older we start to see them more and more, as they get various ailments complaints of old age. Whilst a dog that we see once a year might be nervous and anxious about the visit to the vets (green coat syndrome as we call it!), those we begin to see more often sometimes start looking forward to their visits and develop quite a rapport with their vet.

So it was for little Minni the Dachshund who has been coming to see Duncan for a few years since developing Cushing's disease. Minni always put a brave face on her illness and was a very happy little dog, even when cataracts, heart problems, arthritis and even a stroke also afflicted her. Under Margaret's dedicated care she became a very welcome and frequent visitor who we all knew very well.

Sadly earlier this year Minni died. She passed peacefully in her sleep but it still came as a big shock to us all as Minni had been doing so well despite her illnesses. In fact she had been booked in for cataract surgery the very next week, having received the all clear from the specialist that she was well enough to undergo the surgery.

We all miss Minni terribly, and were sad we would not see her again. It was this that gave Margaret the idea of donating some equipment to the practice, to be engraved with "Minni 2014", so that the money she had set aside for Minni's cataract surgery could still be used for the benefit of all the pets who would be treated by the practice in the future.

We are quite simply overwhelmed with Margaret's generosity to the practice in Minni's name. It seems so fitting a memorial to her that so many other pets will benefit from such a kind bequest.

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