Dental care

Dental care

Dental care is an important element of pet health, and we have experienced vets and nurses.

Dental disease affects on average 80% of dogs and cats over the age of three years, so it is an important part of healthcare that we offer here at Lynwood.

We have invested a lot in our dental service in the past years and are proud to be able to offer high standard dental care.

Dental radiography

Dental radiography is a vital part of this care. Most of the important information we require for adequate treatment planning can only be seen under the gumline and with the help of radiography.

This essential tool gives us a better idea of periodontal health, root health, endodontic health and bone health.

As specialised radiographic equipment is required for dental radiography, we currently only offer dentistry with full sets of oral x-rays at our Verwood surgery.

Our Wimborne surgery has the possibility to take dental radiographs of specific areas of interest only. Dental procedures without radiography are offered at our other sites.

Dental procedures and staging

Each dental procedure performed at our dental clinic in Verwood includes:

  • Full dental cleaning (ultrasonic scaling and subgingival curettage).

  • Visual and probing examination of all teeth.

  • Full mouth radiographs and interpretation.

  • Creation of a dental chart, which logs all findings on the day.

It is not uncommon for animals to need multiple extractions if a dental procedure has been recommended by your veterinarian.

If extractions or other dental treatments are required on top of this, we will always strive to fit this into a single procedure, but we are mindful of limiting the time your pet is under anaesthetic.

We will often recommend staging procedures and doing any urgent (but non-emergent) extractions during a second procedure at a later date, when your pet is fully recovered from the initial anaesthetic.