Acupuncture is a treatment that can reduce pain and improve recovery rates.

Most people may have heard of acupuncture in human medicine, but did you know how helpful it can be to our animal friends too?

We offer acupuncture for many animals. Our certified practitioner, Rebecca, carries out these procedures at our Wimborne and Verwood clinics. Luisa, who is located at our Bournemouth branch, can also carry out acupuncture procedures.

What is acupuncture?

Acupuncture is the practice of inserting fine, solid needles into the body for pain relief or, in some cases, to help the body deal with other diseases.

How does acupuncture work?

It works through controlling the nervous system. The needles block the pain messages and encourage the brain and central nervous system to produce more of the body’s natural painkillers. In conditions that are not painful, acupuncture may help to reset the body’s normal functioning.

Will it hurt my pet?

Acupuncture needles stimulate sensory nerves under the skin.  The needles appear to cause minimal discomfort in pets. Once stimulated the nerves send a more important message to the brain, which is how we think they block pain.

Some pets may react to this sensation as though they are expecting pain, but then relax because it does not occur. Usually, they accept the fine needles very well and often become relaxed and sleepy during the treatment.

How often would my pet be treated?

The usual course is once a week for four to six weeks. After four weeks we will know whether acupuncture is working for your pet and then, depending on the condition and how they have responded, we will work out a plan that usually involves tailing off the treatment so that the effect is maintained for as long as possible.