Internal Medicine


We offer a range of diagnostic procedures and treatments, including endoscopy, ultrasound and chemotherapy services.

Our advanced practitioners in small animal medicine can provide complex diagnostic procedures and treatments, with endoscopy, advanced ultrasound, and 24 hours hospitalisation available at our Wimborne branch. We also offer chemotherapy services.

Internal medicine is a wide-ranging subject with many different facets. We are fortunate here at Lynwood to have two advanced practitioners in small animal medicine: Duncan and Emily.

We have many facilities and services allowing us to investigate and manage medicine cases including:

  • A high specification ultrasound machine which we use to visualise the abdominal organs as well as the heart and structures within the neck.

  • Gastroscopy/colonoscopy which allows us to visualise the contents of the stomach and intestines, taking biopsies where appropriate. This procedure is most commonly used to investigate vomiting, diarrhoea and weight loss. We can also remove foreign bodies from the stomach and oesophagus using equipment.

  • Bronchoscopy which allows us to look inside the airways using a camera and to perform advanced investigations in coughing patients.

  • Rhinoscopy which provides a means of examining the inside of the nose to retrieve foreign bodies or biopsy abnormal tissue. We regularly use this equipment to investigate sneezing and nasal discharge.

  • Cystoscopy in bitches allows us to examine the inside of the bladder to investigate urinary problems.

  • Blood pressure measurement which can be performed in the consult room with the owner present.

  • In-house laboratory facilities for running blood samples and basic microscopy.

  • External laboratory facilities within 30 minutes of the practice that can run urgent samples, reducing the time taken to obtain results. The external lab runs a full catalogue of diagnostic tests.

  • Lump mapping to monitor any lumps or masses which come up on your dog and allow us to monitor changes over time.

  • Chemotherapy administration is also carried out at our Wimborne branch in appropriate cases.

Our medicine team works closely alongside our other team members to provide a complete service and ensure we do our best for your pets.